Substance Abuse Prevention and Control


The road to recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD) is a JOURNEY. The steps taken on this journey are different for each person. It may begin with reducing the type or amount of substance, or it may begin with individualized treatment in a specialized SUD facility. Regardless of how the journey starts, the step represents daily efforts to improve health and well-being, to live a self-directed life, and to strive in reaching full potential.

Recovery Services within Los Angeles County’s publicly funded SUD treatment system, is a type of service that can include case management, recovery monitoring, counseling, and other services for people who:

  1. Are currently in treatment;
  2. Are transitioning into another setting or level of care; or
  3. Have completed treatment and require additional support for ongoing recovery self-management.

Recovery Services are available at no-cost to eligible individuals. Click here to see the eligibility requirements. If you believe you can be supported with Recovery Services call the Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Service Helpline (SASH) at 1 (844) 804-7500 for a brief screening and referral.


  • If I can do it, you can do it too.

    - Daisy D.

  • It was life-changing, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

    - Kiara C.

  • I’ve gained the trust of all of my family back.

    - Yulyana L.

  • This is the best I've ever felt in my life. Recovery works if you work it.

    - Al-Impics 2022 Participant.

  • My sobriety comes first.

    - Fernando S.

  • I encourage you; if you want to get better do recovery.

    - Al-Impics 2022 Participant

  • I’m just completely happy with the person that I am today.

    - Kiara C.

  • Because of my rehab I get to enjoy the beauty of having goals and achieving them.

    - Sarah


National Recovery Month is an annual event celebrated in September to honor the accomplishments of the recovery community and the dedication of service providers and communities. Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (DPH-SAPC) sponsors the annual SUD awareness and recovery, Olympics-style, sports event known as Al-Impics in collaboration with its network of contracted SUD treatment providers and community-based agencies. The Al-Impics provides an opportunity to expand SUD awareness in the community and de-stigmatize SUD by promoting treatment resources and providing educational information.

The Al-Impics is a special one-day event during National Recovery Month that demonstrates through friendly competitive sports and games the positive life-enriching experience associated with recovery. By bringing together treatment providers, recovering individuals, local communities, and community leaders, the Al-Impics promotes the societal benefits of community health through substance abuse prevention and athletic participation. This great event encourages all to get involved and strive to achieve their goals.

If you are interested in participating or need further information, please contact the Event Coordinator, Ashlee King, (323) 948-0444 ext. 772, or Veronica Lewis, Event Director, at for event restrictions, provider applications, and volunteer opportunities.
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