Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

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Welcome to the Substance Abuse Prevention and Control’s (SAPC) website!

SAPC is a Bureau of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. With over 150 community-based organizations spread out over 500 locations across the County, SAPC is responsible for managing one of the largest networks of specialty substance use prevention and treatment services in the nation.

Our vision is a future where all Los Angeles County residents feel accepted and have a chance to pursue their dreams and fulfill their promise without the burden of addiction.

Substance use disorders (SUD) are estimated to affect nearly 750,000 residents across the County and are among the most challenging conditions to care for given the extent to which this brain condition results in biological, psychological, and social dependence. Effective strategies to prevent and treat SUD must address the person, their family and social network, communities and environment, and broader social determinants of health.

With this encompassing goal in mind, SAPC is focused on doing the small things that lead to the big things. We strive to serve the community through operational excellence in policy and program development, by investing in upstream prevention activities that uplift our communities, offering engaging harm reduction services, and delivering quality SUD treatment that is offered wherever people are in their recovery journey, with the right service delivered at the right time, in the right setting, for the right duration.

Through our dedicated team and provider network, SAPC’s fundamental belief is that we best prevent substance use and promote SUD care when we facilitate meaningful connections in all its forms.

Prevention First, Treatment Works, and Recovery IS Possible!

Bureau Director

Gary Tsai, M.D.

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