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Health Facilities Division enforces State and federal laws and regulations in State licensed and federally certified health facilities, clinics and other providers of health care. It recommends providers for participation in the Medicare and Medi-Cal programs. HFID’s mission is to promote the health and safety of all patients by ensuring health facilities remain compliant with state, federal and local regulations, while fostering community relationships through transparency, accountability, and compassion. Federally qualified registered nurses and registered environmental health specialists provide the Division's direct oversight. They are assisted by a complement of consultants, consisting of a physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, a nutritionist, and essential administrative and clerical staff. Recipients of the Division's services include the State Department of Health Services, the federal Department of Health and Human Services- Health Care Financing Administration, consumers of health care services, and the facilities providing care.

There is a total of 1,964 health facilities in the Los Angeles County area. The fulfillment of this responsibility requires inspections of health care facilities and providers in order to evaluate compliance. It also requires written reports, which document the division's findings and may serve as the basis for further legal action. The Division also responds to citizen complaints regarding health facilities or providers.

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