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Mission Statement

To ensure the availability of high-quality and comprehensive health data about the Los Angeles County population, and to facilitate its use for health assessment, policy development, and program planning and evaluation. Our goal is to establish and effectively disseminate to all interested organizations or agencies, comprehensive data and information on the health behaviors, status, and risks, as well as health care utilization of Los Angeles County residents and definable sub-populations. The use of health indicators is necessary to measure the well being of Los Angelenos, and provide a resource for data-driven decision-making and policy development.

Community Health Assessment Unit

The Community Health Assessment unit makes up part of the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology, along with the Epidemiology Unit, the Data Collection and Analysis Unit, the Policy Analysis Unit, and the Institutional Review Board, in the Department of Public Health. The Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology is overseen by the Chief Science Officer. Our unit oversees the development of the Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS), which was most recently conducted in 2015. The population-based telephone survey collects data on health conditions, health behavior, and health care access and utilization of services from a representative sample of Los Angeles County residents. Data related to the Los Angeles County Health Survey are disseminated, either in the form of reports and publications, or by performing detailed data analyses for any interested organization or agency. The Community Health Assessment unit also provides data support, along with the other units in the Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology, for Area Health Officers and their respective staffs for the purpose of improving community health.

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