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Rabies Control
The first case of rabies was diagnosed in a dog in 1898. The following year, the first human rabies death was recorded. All bites from animals susceptible to rabies must now be reportable to the local health officer. We investigate these bites. Last year, 24 rabid animals were diagnosed in Los Angeles County (all bats). Animal diseases We are also involved with investigating animal disease outbreaks. This includes animal diseases transmissible to people or zoonoses. About six out of ten human infectious diseases are associated with animals. Since 80% of the diseases likely to be used by terrorists, entail animals, Veterinary Public Health is involved in bioterrorism.
Vision: The residents of Los Angeles County are protected from zoonoses and animals are free of reportable animal diseases. Mission: To protect the health and well-being of the residents of Los Angeles County by surveillance and control of zoonoses and all reportable animal diseases which affect animals of commercial importance, and to enforce applicable laws and ordinances.

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