Below are information and links related to food safety, restaurant/market ratings, starting a food business and general information for the food businesses the County Environmental Health Division regulates and for the public.


Starting A Food Business

Information For Existing Food Businesses

Types of Food Facilities

Caterer : provides food for events at a location separate from where the food was prepared

Community Event : a fair or festival open to the public that sells or offers food from food booths

Cottage Food Operation : prepares non-potentially hazardous foods from a private home

Micro Market : an unattended, self-checkout food facility located inside a building for employees at their work location

Mobile Food Facility : a vehicle such as a food truck or cart that sells or offers food

Retail Food Facility : a retail business such as a restaurant or market that sells or offers food directly to the consumer

Vending Machine : a self-service mechanical device that dispenses food or drink that is purchased

Wholesale Food Facility : a business that packages, prepares, processes or stores food for sale to a retail food business